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zanmedia is a full service SSP platform covering all forms of online advertising

Display & Mobile

Publishers using zanmedia SSP are able to fill all IAB standardized adslots and sell their inventory through our premium channels.


Our video unit serves premium in-stream placements on our publisher websites as the perfect environment for efficient branding campaigns.


With native ads we enable our publishers to use innovate and user-friendly ads while delivering significant premium inventory to demand partners.


At zanmedia we pay a lot attention to quality and details. That is why all our publishers are hand-picked and we do not offer any direct sign-up or self-service access to introduce placements into our supply platform.

Our porfolio comprises high quality titles in all most demanded IAB content categories, most of the pages are hold exclusively by zanmedia profiting from our excellent and personal publisher support as well innovate monetization opportunities through our direct deal connections.


With a experienced team and many combined years of exclusive RTB knowledge zanmedia is a premium SSP for the top premium publisher. We are the preferred SSP for many editorial placements to enter the RTB ecosystem.

Relying on our self-developed innovate SSP technology we make use of the most advanced technologies for real time bidding processing and offer cutting edge interfaces with real time analytics and placement managent to publishers and demand partnrers.

Through our extensive manual checking on new publishers and placements we assure a high editorial quality and an constantly outstanding inventory quality for our demand partners. Additionally to manual pre-checks every single impression is verified by various filters before entering a zanmedia auction.

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